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Basic Income Vote in 5 Weeks: Sensational New Polling Results

Campaign for Basic Income in a All-Time High by National Newspaper Polling Numbers

Just five weeks before the globally first vote about the introduction of an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) is going to happen in Switzerland, the country experiences a big surprise: Over all, around 40% stated they would vote "Yes". The polling data has been collected and assessed by a cooperation of leading Swiss newspapers. Traditionally, the polling results of citizen's initiatives like UBI will decline in the following few weeks. But the question, wether to introduce a UBI on national level might be an exception after all.

When comparing the polling data from the beginning of 2016 and the newly published data one has to state: Citizens acceptance of the UBI concept has almost doubled. Further the acceptance of UBI in the french speaking part of Switzerland already finds a majority.

For sure, the last few weeks of this campaign will be thrillingly interesting. It will be a race full of suspense followed by a powerful get-out-the-vote phase.

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