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Basic Income: World Record on Tour

The "Biggest Question on Earth" in Geneva > New York City > Berlin

"What Would You Work, If Your Income Was Taken Care Of?"

The "Biggest Question on Earth" in Berlin May 29, 2016

When? 29th May 2016

Where? In Berlin, Germany

What? The Guinness World Record Poster travels around the world. After Geneva and Times Square Screen/New York City (14th May) it travels to Berlin and the world famous "Brandenburger Tor"

Switzerland will publicly vote on 5th June 2016 as the first country on earth on the introduction of the Unconditional Basic Income. The Unconditional Basic Income stirs up big concepts like work, power, freedom. We portray the importance of the Basic Income question by boldly aiming at letting it gain center stage of a World Record here.

Good questions are the best answers. So let's step forward asking the biggest question on earth.

On May 14th, Basic Income Switzerland set a Guinness World Record by posting the Biggest Question in the World on the biggest poster in the world: Officially amazing! On that same day the question was displayed in New York City on the Times Square Screen.

The Tour of the "Biggest Question" will continue!

On May 29th, the Biggest Question in the World is coming to Berlin: The Brandenburg Gate, Straße des 17. Juni, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

The Guinness World Record was set by the Swiss campaign for the introduction of an Unconditional Basic Income. The cost to produce the poster was funded by a crowdfunding campaign who set new standards in online campaign funding: You can buy a bag or backpack which will be made from the poster after the exhibition.

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