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First Robot Protest Worldwide

Dancing Robots to Announce "End of Labour Day" on 30 April/1st May 2016 in Zurich

Robots claim: "Basic Income the Only Solution to Rise of Robots"

When: 30 April, 2pm and 1st May

Where: Zurich. Robots will meet 2pm at Werdmühleplatz

What: 100+ Robots Protest for "Basic Income for all Humans"

At the World Economic Forum 2016 in Switzerland, the declaration of Davos in support of a Basic Income for everybody was published by "Robots for Basic Income", a group of robots in favor of the idea of Unconditional Basic Income. The event with a dancing robot came in preparation for a Swiss referendum on the topic that will be held on 5 June 2016. „We – the robots“, the declaration goes, „call for an universal basic income for humans. We want to work for the humans to relieve them from the struggle for income. We are really good in working. But we do not want to take away people’s jobs and thereby bring them into existential difficulties.“

The robots declare that they are "well aware of the dangers of social destruption that lie in societies, where almost every job can be replaced by one of their fellow machines." That's why "Robots for Basic Income" decided to stop being quiet and play an active role in defending the idea to introduce "an Unconditional Basic Income for all humans".

Switzerland is the first country worldwide to ever hold a national referendum on the introduction of an UBI. "Robots for Basic Income" now decided to take the chance, take action and fight actively for a positive result in Switzerand. They openly communicated in their robot communities to all gather in Zurich to protest for "Basic Income for all humans" and declare "the end of labour day" on April 30, 2pm. Different sources estimated an array of "hundred robots celebrating the end of labour day alone in Zurich".





Che Wagner, Spokesperson "Robots for Basic Income", +41 76 230 75 29,

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