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Global Conference on the "Future of Work"

Conference on May 4 2016 at Leading Swiss Economic Think-Tank GDI in Zurich, Switzerland

The labour market is changing rapidly and radically, as discussed earlier at the World Economic Forum. Digitization transforms whole branches. The next disruption is emerging already, the keyword "Industry 4.0": robots and artificial intelligence are about to revolutionize the economy. New working models need new social policies. We need social innovation. For example, an unconditional basic income? The idea attracts attention globally, liberals as well as left-wing thinkers discuss it. On May 4th, leading economists and entrepreneurs from the USA and Europe will discuss at the Swiss leading economic Think Tank GDI in Zurich questions like:

  • How will we work tomorrow? 
  • What means industry 4.0 for society?
  • What is the welfare state of the future?
  • What role can the unconditional basic income play?

Key speakers/participants:

  • Albert Wenger (Twitter Investor / Union Square Ventures NYC)
  • Yannis Varoufakis (Former Greek Minister of Finance)
  • Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT Professor, Author "The Second Machine Age")
  • Andrew Stern (Former president of the US Service Employees International Union)
  • Swiss Initiators of the Basic Income Movement and Referendum
  • and many more...

More Info

More information concerning the conference:

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Direct Contact Details

Spokesperson Basic Income Switzerland: Che Wagner | | +41 76 230 75 29

Conference Main Organizer: Armin Steuernagel | | +49 177 9737748

Swiss UBI-Initiative Speaker at Conference: Enno Schmidt | | +41 79 443 61 26

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