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Official Launch of Swiss Campaign for Universal Basic Income

Popular Vote going to happen 5th June 2016

Switzerland is the first country worldwide to hold a national referendum on the introduction of an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) on 5th June 2016. Despite being arguably the most conservative country in the world, many typical Swiss factors are building a solid ground for the introduction of a UBI: Political stability, economic wealth and a strong liberal culture of self-determination.

Presentation: Swiss Campaign: Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Date: Monday, 14th March 2016

Place: Press Center at Parliament (Medienzentrum Bundeshaus), Bern Switzerland

On Monday, 14th March we are going to present the official campaign. Our aim is to communicate with over 1 Mio. voters directly using modern campaigning tools. ( The UBI campaign is already famous for its spectacular stunts after it dumped out 8 Mio. coins in front of the parliament 2 years ago.

For sure, this will be one of the hottest springs in Switzerland’s political history. A representative survey showed, that a big part of the UBI opposition’s argument, people would stop working, isn’t verified by data. Only 2% of the respondents say, they would definitely stop working.

Lately, discussions about UBI pilot programmes in Ontario/Canada as well as in Finland were reflected in the media. Even in the US, voices both from liberal and conservatives are getting louder on pursuing a path to UBI.

Che Wagner, Spokesperson

+41 76 230 75 29

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