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Swiss Government Reveals New Basic Income Calculations

Only 25 billion CHF necessary for the introduction of an UBI - according to the Ministry of Social Security

Last Friday, 11th March, the Swiss government released new documents discussing a potential scenario of the economic cost of an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) for Switzerland. In the document, the Swiss Ministry of Social Security and its Federal Council Alain Berset changed their mind about the feasibility of an UBI.

Instead of still claiming an introduction would require 154 Billion Swiss Francs , they corrected the required amount to only 25 Billion. With this step the Ministry of Social Security follows the argumentation represented by the initiators of the referendum for a UBI. The ministry understood that the UBI is already included in wages which exceed the amount of UBI and has therefor not to be paid additionally to these wages. This is one of the main reasons, why the debate gained much heat in the last few days and the expected results of the vote remain unclear.

The sudden turnaround of the Ministry of Social Security was widely picked up and discussed by the Swiss media and many online channels.

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